Smart Start for Healthy Children & Families

Smart Start is a free program for low-income women and girls in Peoria County who are pregnant or who have young children. The program helps women access services to increase maternal and child health, including:

  • prenatal, postpartum, and infant care education
  • medical care referrals
  • housing
  • transportation
  • counseling
  • shelters
  • food programs
  • education



The Smart Start program is designed for low-income moms, infants, and high-risk children up to the age of five in Peoria County. Women and girls may be eligible for free assistance from Smart Start if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • are pregnant or have an infant under age one
  • live in Peoria County
  • qualify under the state’s income guidelines


TASC’s Role

TASC’s comprehensive services in the Smart Start program include:

  • medical case management and health care coordination for eligible clients
  • client advocacy
  • screening for perinatal depression and developmental delays
  • assessment for family needs
  • home visits
  • community outreach and engagement
  • referrals to other programs/agencies as needed


Primary Funder

Illinois Department of Human Services

Did You Know?

The Smart Start program was developed by the State of Illinois as a means to decrease infant mortality, decrease very low birth weights, and increase access to medical and dental care for eligible clients.

Reach & Results

TASC served 2,082 families in the Smart Start program in FY13.

Counties Served

  • Peoria