Medicaid Application Assistance

In partnership with the Cook County Health and Hospitals System, TASC has provided Medicaid application assistance services to individuals upon intake into the Cook County Jail since 2013, and now also provides these services in the broader justice community.



To be eligible for application assistance services clients must meet Medicaid eligibility criteria, including but not limited to the following:

  • must be 19–64 years of age

  • must be U.S. citizens or legal immigrants for 5 years

  • must meet income requirements (if applicable)


TASC’s Role

TASC works in the Cook County Department of Corrections’ Jail Intake department, as well as in other community locations, providing general information about Medicaid and the advantages of having health coverage. Application Specialists screen individuals to determine whether they are likely to be eligible for Medicaid/health insurance, guide them through the insurance application process, provide details on documentation requirements and assist with documentation gathering, explain all subsequent steps and submit completed applications to the appropriate State agency.


Primary Funder(s)

Cook County Health and Hospital Systems



Robin Moore

Continuity of Care

Did You Know?

On any given day, between 25–30 percent of Cook County Jail inmates suffer from mental health disorders. The majority of these adults are in jail for non-violent offences associated with their mental health issues and would be better served by treatment rather than incarceration. (Source: Cook County Sheriff's Office of Mental Health Policy and Advocacy)

Counties Served

  • Cook