TASC offers outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) services, including individual and group counseling for men and women with substance use conditions. We help individuals navigate a complex array of challenges as they rebuild their lives, specializing in services for those who have been involved in justice or child welfare systems. 

Everyone begins with an initial assessment to determine if treatment is needed, and what types and levels of treatment are recommended. TASC intake coordinators will complete a comprehensive substance use/mental health assessment to:

  • diagnose and develop treatment recommendations

  • identify individual strengths and needs 

  • provide each client with a TASC case manager

  • place individuals in appropriate treatment services to meet their needs

Our treatment services offer a broad range of instruction in all areas of the individual’s life. Services integrated within our treatment program include individual therapy sessions, anger management, continuing care, and relapse prevention groups. We also welcome and encourage participation by family members and friends; together, we seek to build sustainable health and wellness for our clients and for those who care about them.

Because recovery involves more than just going to treatment, all TASC clients receive comprehensive case management. TASC's care team will:

  • advocate for individuals involved with court, child welfare, or other public systems, and assist with navigating and communicating with judges, probation, lawyers, and others

  • connect individuals to essential services in the community, such as education, training, employment, and housing

  • engage or reunify individuals with family and other healthy recovery supports

TASC currently offers treatment services at the following locations:

  • Chicago, Clinton Street Office: 312-573-2937

  • Murphysboro: 618-565-0060

Contact TASC for more information, or phone the office near you directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals get TASC services without referral from the justice system?
Yes. Men and women who may be in need of substance use or co-occurring mental health services may contact TASC directly.

What happens in treatment?
In treatment, individuals learn about addiction and mental health conditions, and how to manage symptoms and behaviors. Treatment is a process of learning new ways of managing challenges and solving problems without alcohol, other drugs, or illegal behaviors.

What kinds of treatment are there?
As with most health issues, there are different types of treatment. For substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions, treatment may involve individual therapy, group counseling, medications, or any combination of these. Treatment is only the beginning of recovery. Recovery is an ongoing, day-by-day process of improving health, wellness, and quality of life.

What if individuals can’t pay for TASC services?
Individuals will not be denied service due to an inability to pay. TASC works with insurance companies, managed care organizations, and public and private funders to make sure people get the services they need. 

What if transportation is a concern?
If it is difficult for individuals to reach a TASC treatment location, many services may be available over the phone or through video conferencing. Additionally, some insurers may cover transportation costs.

Please contact TASC for more information

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