Janelle C. Prueter, MS, CRADC

Vice President of Operations

With more than 25 years of clinical and leadership experience, Janelle Prueter has been instrumental in designing and implementing programs that help individuals transition from government systems to health and self-sufficiency in the community.

As vice president of operations for TASC, Janelle directs TASC’s statewide assessment and independent case management services for people with substance use and mental health disorders who are involved in criminal justice, juvenile justice, or child welfare systems.

Prior to being named vice president, she led TASC’s Corrections & Community Reentry division for nine years, managing services for more than 6,000 adults and youth annually who were incarcerated or returning to their communities following incarceration. In partnership with the Illinois Department of Corrections, the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, and community-based service providers across the state, Janelle has played a key role in shaping community reentry programs that help individuals successfully reintegrate into society. Under Janelle’s leadership, TASC’s reentry case management services have helped to significantly increase treatment outcomes and reduce recidivism among formerly incarcerated individuals.

Beginning in 2000, in partnership with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and community-based service providers, Janelle co-developed and implemented TASC's Family Recovery and Reunification Program ("Recovery Coach Program), which works with parents whose substance use disorders resulted in loss of child custody. The Recovery Coach Program increases parents’ success in treatment and increases family reunification rates, saving the state more than $6 million in its first ten years.

As a member of the Women’s Committee of the Illinois Advisory Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependency for the Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Janelle helped develop the state's Women's Plan and Practitioner Toolkit.
Janelle has held successive clinical and leadership roles since she began her TASC career as a case manager in 1987. She was promoted to vice president of operations on April 1, 2014.

She earned her BA in Psychology and Sociology from Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin), and her MS in public services administration from DePaul University (Chicago).

TASC Administrative Offices (TASC Area 1)

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