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  • Making a Difference in Illinois

    TASC is a path to health and recovery for people involved in criminal justice, juvenile justice, child welfare, and public health systems in Illinois. We are independent advocates and case managers for our clients, helping men, women, and adolescents get the right services to meet their needs.

    Working in partnership with government systems and hundreds of community-based service providers across the state, TASC serves 27,000 people annually. Our programs save taxpayer dollars, reduce drug abuse and recidivism, and motivate long-term success.

  • New: National Survey of Diversion Programs

    At a Congressional staff briefing in Washington, the Center for Health and Justice at TASC has released a national survey of criminal justice diversion programs, focusing on their strategies for reducing recidivism, improving health interventions, and achieving public cost savings.

    Diversion programs are critical for reversing the tide of over-incarceration of people with substance and mental health conditions.

Did You Know?

In the adult criminal justice system in Illinois, judges sentence people to prison for a specific amount of time. In the juvenile system, the sentence is open-ended. Youth can only be released from the Department of Juvenile Justice by reaching the age of 21 or by a decision of the Prisoner Review Board.  (Source: Illinois Department of Human Services)

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